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Remembering what only HE can do!! December 23, 2010

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It’s just a couple days until Christmas. It’s always right around this time that I reflect on what the Lord did to me and for me, 5 years ago. I went back and read an old post I wrote back in 2008. Can’t really say I could add more to it, so I just thought I would repost it for today. I pray today whomever reads this, that the Light of the World has been made known in your life. And if you do not know Him, that is, Jesus Christ Lord and Savior…that today would be the day that you would see your sin for what it is, your need for a Savior-your eternal substitution, and that you would repent and ask Him to transform your life into something that reflects His image. Merry Christmas….celebrate what God did for the entire human race, in the most lowly of all circumstances…..a baby.