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Wishy Washy People Part 1 November 14, 2010

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Are you wishy washy in your faith in Christ? Do you even know what that means? Here are some questions to ponder that may reveal where you stand:

Is Jesus someone you think about on a regular basis? If not, why-and if so, in what way do you think about Him?

Do you put  faith in your back pocket? (meaning, do you live your life the way you want, then reach in your back pocket for your Sunday morning/Wednesday night faith?)

Do you claim “Christianity” as your religion, but have no real, intimate, one on one relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do you enjoy talking about the Lord and His Word, and hold a high value in having friends that do the same?

How do you react when someone shares Scripture with you, either for encouragement, exhortation, or possibly rebuke? Do you even know what these things mean?

Lastly, do you truly understand what you say you believe? (meaning, do you understand the depth of the Christian faith, and not just “Jesus loves me, this I know…”)

Depending on how you answered these questions will tell you much about where you stand with God. Maybe you started reading, then got an idea of where this was going and stopped(which means you probably didn’t get this far). Maybe you are in denial, and think what you have is just fine, and it’s working for you, so why re-evaluate? In any case, we ALL need to read this, and ALL need to investigate our hearts. If there is ever a time that any one of us thinks things are dandy witihin us, repentance is sure to follow. If you did stumble upon this blog post, take some time to meditate on these questions, and come back soon for Part 2 of Wishy Washy People.


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