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Wishy Washy People Part 2 November 23, 2010

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Okay, I’m back to bring my point to fruition…as even I meditated on these thoughts. The timing of me writing this was impeccable. My pastor is expositing 1Cor. right now, and when I wrote Part 1, it was a Saturday night–the next morning at church I see the title to the sermon is “In and not Of, but Definitely In”. I was like, “WOW!!!” It completely correlated with what is on my heart, and what I had written the night before (of course, his was WAAAY more deep, theological, accurate, amazing, etc). But I am no pastor (praise the Lord)–rather just a fool for Christ, sharing what He has laid on my heart. So, with that-let’s get on with it:

The whole point to this post is about self-examination. It is for (all of us) to consider how we are living our lives, and for WHOM. Jesus said we can’t serve 2 masters (Matt 6:24)so stop putting one foot in your faith and one foot in the world. It doesn’t work…better yet, it’s a sin! If you say you are for Him, then BE FOR HIM! I have grown to be incredibly passionate about this…maybe because of the radical transformation God caused in my life…maybe because I live in the South, where almost everybody is a “christian”, but very few actually have fruit-producing radical life transforming lives. Probably both. And my passion leaves me with this thought. I…AM…FED…UP. Fed up with the hypocrisy, the heretics, the blasphemy, and the “christian posers” putting a bad name on behalf of the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Unfortunately, I know MANY people like this. They claim the faith, but they are living for themselves. It’s something like this: Monday-Saturday–work, play, appointments, dinners, work, play harder, (maybe a Wed night church thingy is slipped in as a check off  list), work, play even harder…fall over, sleep it off…wait for Sunday morning, get up and dress up…have some sort of religious service where God is mentioned, but it’s more of a social club than anything…go out for lunch (and maybe drinks), go back home and sleep off all the hard playing from the week…and then do it all again. That, my friends, is WISHY WASHY! Nothing about this said lifestyle reflects the finished work of Christ. Nothing shows a comparison to “suffering for Christ’s sake”. Everything shows the world hypocrisy though. The world looks at that life and sees nothing different from its own, and is left thinking, “then why would I be interested in their God?” How completely irresponsible….

Truth is, this said life most likely is in fact NOT a truly transformed one. It is someone who has made God in an image that is easier for them to tolerate and accept, therefore making it no big deal to claim Christianity as their faith-all the while living for the world and their own pleasures. I could go on and on about this subject…but you get the point. So where are you in all of this? It’s time for some self-examination…..

Who do you think God is? Let me tell you the truth-He is who He says He is…which can ONLY be known in His Scriptures. He is SO MUCH more than LOVE. He detests sin, and will not allow it to enter into His kingdom..heaven. And being wishy washy like this IS SIN! You can’t create a God that makes you feel good….that is NOT the Christian faith, and believing that is damning. Obviously there is a lot more to say about Him, but this is a start and if you wanted to know Him more, pick up the bible and start reading. Romans is an excellent place to start. 1John is also a great book to read if you are unsure where you may stand with God (ie, if you are truly saved).

I literally could write 5 pages on this everyday for the rest of my life…that’s how passionate I am about these kind of people. The Gospel of Jesus Christ must be protected! When wishy washy people are out there defacing the name of Christ, the world is left wondering…even laughing at the Christian faith. And I should know. I was the chief leader to these said people. Claiming the faith as my own, yet living the life I gave for example in earlier text. By God’s grace, He plucked me out of “the world”, showed me that I now belonged to Him and gave me new desires-ones that resulted in me not being “of” the world, and He mercifully commanded me to stay “in” this world, just not be “of”…..but definitley “in”.

So where do you stand with God? Are you wishy washy in your faith? Do you put Christ in your back pocket, and then go about living your life for yourself? Are you excusing your sin, finding ways to justify your lifestyle based on popular trends? Truly, truly, I tell you…repent and live! The time is at hand….it is now….stop being wishy washy and join me in being a fool for Christ!



Wishy Washy People Part 1 November 14, 2010

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Are you wishy washy in your faith in Christ? Do you even know what that means? Here are some questions to ponder that may reveal where you stand:

Is Jesus someone you think about on a regular basis? If not, why-and if so, in what way do you think about Him?

Do you put  faith in your back pocket? (meaning, do you live your life the way you want, then reach in your back pocket for your Sunday morning/Wednesday night faith?)

Do you claim “Christianity” as your religion, but have no real, intimate, one on one relationship with Jesus Christ?

Do you enjoy talking about the Lord and His Word, and hold a high value in having friends that do the same?

How do you react when someone shares Scripture with you, either for encouragement, exhortation, or possibly rebuke? Do you even know what these things mean?

Lastly, do you truly understand what you say you believe? (meaning, do you understand the depth of the Christian faith, and not just “Jesus loves me, this I know…”)

Depending on how you answered these questions will tell you much about where you stand with God. Maybe you started reading, then got an idea of where this was going and stopped(which means you probably didn’t get this far). Maybe you are in denial, and think what you have is just fine, and it’s working for you, so why re-evaluate? In any case, we ALL need to read this, and ALL need to investigate our hearts. If there is ever a time that any one of us thinks things are dandy witihin us, repentance is sure to follow. If you did stumble upon this blog post, take some time to meditate on these questions, and come back soon for Part 2 of Wishy Washy People.