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If you’ve ever wondered how or if God speaks… August 24, 2009

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I had to make time today to write this down. Blogging for me has become less of a priority in life as a mommy of 2 very mobile children….but yesterday’s unfoldings are worthy to be shared! I picked the title as such because there are so many “doubters” of the Christian faith, that God can actually speak to us. I myself used to fall into that category, thinking people that said that were “not all there” or using it as an excuse for a choice they wanted to make but needed “God’s name” to permiss it. I now know that this is not so. He absolutely speaks to His children….maybe not an audible voice like we speak to one another, but just as loud…no louder and much more powerful than any human voice ever known. Here’s my story of God talking to me yesterday:

It all started very early in the morning, around 5:45am. It was still a bit dark outside, and I was in my car driving to a pet sitting job. I am not a morning person, but man I wish I was! God creates such beauty in the wee hours of the morning. The stillness, the dew, the fog just above the grass, the sunrise, the song birds…breathtaking! I turned on the radio to help keep me awake and alert. A song had just started, so I turned it up. I didn’t recognize the song before, but I knew that voice; it was Fernando Ortega, whom I love! The song was precious and worshipful. The first line was “Come, let us worship and bow down”…had me almost in immediate tears. That one line says so much of where are hearts should be. Humbled, contrite, in fellowship with one another, and in submission to The King worthy of being bowed down to. What a way to start off my day.

I get home, and after the morning routines of the household, we head to church. Right as service begins, we open with a Psalms and prayer. It was Psalm 95, which I wasn’t yet familiar with. As I am reading along, we hit verse 6, and tears begin to fill my eyes. “Oh come, let us worship and bow down, let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker.” God had allowed me to not only hear this psalm in song form for the first time a few short hours before, but to be affected by it. It penetrated my heart in the early morning hours, which then caused a deeper love and affection for His Word shared hours later at church. The next verse was also a part of the song…vs 7: “For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.” What precious truths in this passage! God wanted to tell me…remind me, of who I am and who HE is to me. I was so touched and in awe of how He communicated that to me.

Next, our pastor began to pray. In his prayer he referenced 2 separate passages from Scripture that both John (my husband) and I had as our facebook status’. We had just talked about both of them in the morning before leaving for church. Mine was Romans 8:1 “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for all those who are in Christ Jesus.” And John’s was Galatians 1:10-11 “For I am now seeking the approval of man, or of God? Or am I trying to please man? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” So, as I stood there, in humbled adoration of my God already, He brought me even deeper. He knew those passages were on our hearts already, and obviously on our pastor’s as well. He knew it would serve to be another great encouragement and a blessing of how His supernatural and precious Holy Spirit works and speaks in ways we never think possible. I was floored! Where was a box of kleenex when I needed it!

After hearing one of the most powerful messages of Christ’s sufferings for my own personal sin (Matthew 27:26-31, “The Crown”), our pastor shared with us the desire to sing a song that was close to his heart, and completely appropriate for the sermon just taught. It was “Crown Him with many Crowns.” He said  he really loved the arrangement done by….Fernando Ortega. Now I know this isn’t as big of a deal, but still just so cool how God ties all things together for our encouragemnt and joy. We closed service by singing it altogether…it was so tender and glorifying. So on that high note, John and I head home. The conversation was so rich and fruitful between us…what a blessing! We were both talking about how thankful we are for being saved, being His true inheritances of the Kingdom. I was sharing with him a conversation I had a couple days prior with a dear friend of mine. She was asking me questions about my past, and wondered if I am ever “haunted” by all the sin that was committed, especially living in the same town as much of it took place. As I was sharing with John my answer to her, a car drove by us on the interstate that had a liscense plate reading “By Grace”. I read it aloud, then a burst of joyous laughter proceeded. God…You are unbelievable! The words that were just about to leave my lips were, “I don’t ever feel haunted, but ever mindful of His huge grace in my life.” I told John and we just sort of sat there for a moment, in reverent amazement. Yes God, I hear You! I hear You from the words writtin in Your Book. I hear You Lord Jesus through the prayers of your dear and gifted children. I hear you Abba Father, in the melodious and joyous songs about who You are and how it penetrates my heart. I hear You oh Holy God, and I respond in total humility, with my face at the foot of Your cross, confessing that You are my Lord, who has declared me righteous through Your Son’s blood, and bestowed this unmerited, undeserved, gift of grace in my life. Thank You for speaking to me. May I always be aware enough to see it as such!! I love You!