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Happy 3rd Birthday to me, through HIM! December 24, 2008

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I love December for lots of reasons. My top three reasons all have to do with birth. 

1.There is no greater day than the day that God Himself became the Incarnation, JESUS, born to Mary and Joseph in a lowly, dirty stable in Bethlehem Christmas day.

2.Last year on Christmas, I was in labor, preparing for the arrival of my sweet daughter Ruby. Her birth came the morning after Christmas, and I can now add it to my favorite days of this month!

3.Lastly, the week before Christmas of 2005, God began to transform my life, giving me the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, and allowing the Holy Spirit to supernaturally dwell inside me. Since I just celebrated  my birthday in Christ, I wanted to take this moment to give Him the glory.

Three years ago my life seemed uncertain. It appeared to be falling apart…and fast. My complete dependence on the Lord became clear to me. I remember praying that day. I had prayed many times before that day, but because I had never truly confessed of sin in my life, repented, and depended on Jesus soley, those prayers were never heard. But this day was different. I was a broken human, and my heart was contrite. Hopelessness was all I could see really, which is why I began to pray. I remember while I was praying I began to weep. It became clear to me what I had to do, and regardless of the situation, I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t fear the outcome of my life. I had been given Hope. I felt confident through my deep weakness. It was His strength, not mine (2 Cor 12:10). It was the day I died to self, and was born as a new creation, His daughter(2 Cor. 5:17). I was an infant, in need of nurturing. God provided that tender care through His Word. I was so eager, so thirsty, so teachable. God provided through His Word. I was in need of pruning out sin, and being given new desires. God provided through His Word. He has caused great sanctification in my life, and I know my future holds much more.

What a joy it is to have this blessed assurance of my eternal resting place. God says there will be many suprised people come Judgement Day. That could’ve been me. Going through life without a care of my sin. Claiming Jesus as someone I truly knew and loved. Having one foot in the world, and one foot in my (empty) faith. I am so thankful that God won’t look at me and say, ” I never knew you, depart from me!” (Matt 7:23) .I know it is only by grace, through faith, that I am saved, not of any works I could ever do, but an undeserved gift from God (Eph 2:8-9). I could keep writing and writing about this amazing gift that He bestowed on me because, well….I continue to stand in complete AWE of our God that transforms lives, saving souls. Today I am celebrating my 3rd birthday in Christ, and giving HIM all the glory! I love you Jesus. Happy birthday to you! You are my King!

His new creation,


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