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Old songs, New meanings, and the Sweetest Worship! November 20, 2008

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This year John and I celebrated our 5th anniversary of marriage! It is always a blessing to see what God has done with us from year to year. We had a wonderful evening that night ( August 31st), and John promised something very special was to be expected in the near future. So a month or two later, John suprised me with two tickets to Amy Grant’s 20th anniversary Lead Me On tour. OH. MY. WORD. I just got home today…and knew I had to make time to get here and write about it.

First, I should explain that John was not approved from work to get the time off. The concert was about 4 hours away, so he needed to take a day and a half off, but it didn’t happen! We were devastated for awhile, but I really wanted to go, and he really wanted me to go. After a couple of weeks trying to figure out “the plan”, my sister Ali and I were talking on the phone about how totally awesome it would be if we could somehow go together…(jokingly). We NEVER thought it was a true possibility. The concert was on a Tuesday night, which isn’t the easiest night to figure out childcare. I had a time working that out on my end, so I just never thought to even ask her for the same reason. Well, it’s just like God to work out things that appear unworkable. With fairly effortless ability, things fell into place, and Ali called me the Monday before the concert (at 7:30 am) to say….SHE COULD GO!!!! God, You are too good to us!

The drive was almost exactly a halfway point for us, about 4 hours each. We met at a hotel, grabbed some dinner, and off to the concert we went.

As we waited anxiously in our seats, we were reminded that 20 years ago, we were together with the rest of our family, backstage at Amy’s Lead Me On concert, hugging her, talking with her, hearing her share a story about holding 2 dozen long stemmed roses very tightly for a photo session, and the photographer kept telling her to hold them tighter and smile big and laugh…all the while she was trying not to cry from the thorns that were digging into her arms!!! What great memories Ali and I were able to share about all Amy’s awesome music that just seemed to always be a constant in our house.  We could hardly stand to wait a moment more, when….lights go down….it’s concert time!

Amy and her original band from the Lead Me On tour, put on a rockin, awesome, spirit-filled night! Even though Ali and I knew those songs frontwards and backwards, the lyrics had a totally new and precious appreciation. Ever since our salvation, God has given us these new ears to hear TRUTH, and that’s exactly what we were listening to last night. I am telling you…last night was the most powerful time of worship for us! WHAT. A. BLESSING. There were a few times I became totally overwhelmed with God’s grace and mercy. Just being reminded that although I’ve always loved her music, always loved her, this time it was different. I GOT IT! I UNDERSTOOD! Amy’s passion for Christ was (and is) undeniable. The moment for me that I felt totally broken (in a good way) was when she sang “What about the Love?”. Man. The chorus sings, ‘Somethin’s wrong in heaven tonight, you can almost hear them cry…angels to the left and the right, singing what about the Love, what about the Love, what about the Love of God.’ Each verse was such a great depiction and explanation about the world we live in. The world that may even claim the Christian faith. Oh man, I could write a whole post just on that, but needless to say, it was a very powerful moment in the evening. I got some great pictures and an awesome video of Amy telling a truly inspiring story….

After the concert was over, Ali and I just knew we somehow HAD to see her. We had absolutely no idea how that was going to happen, seeing how we didn’t have a backstage pass, or any “connections”. But, we just decided to wait with the group of people that did have backstage passes, and see what would happen. There was another group of ladies that were also waiting around, hopeful to meet Amy without any official passes, so we got to know them and visited while we waited. We decided to step around the corner for a quick second, because Chris Eaton (her keyboard player from original tour and singer/songwriter) was out there signing stuff and taking pictures. Ali took a picture of him and I, and we hurried back around the corner, only to find the ladies were…..GONE! We both looked at eachother with major sad eyes, realizing our window just closed. We just stood there for a couple minutes, trying to decide what to do. Nobody else was left. We were by ourselves, standing on the “wrong” side of the backstage door. I peeped my eyes through the doors, and I could see the ladies right there! Then I could see Amy talking to a bunch of people. I said to Ali, “come on sis, we are going in!” And we did! I just opened the door, acting like I had permission or something. I think Ali was in shock for a sec…(actually I think I was too). We walked to the end of the line, and the ladies looked at us and smiled, saying they were worried we were going to miss our chance. Our patient waiting paid off!!!

Amy made her way through each group, talking and taking pictures. Ali and I were the very last ones for her to meet. As she looked our way, I could feel the emotions start to stir. It took her just a moment to connect all the info we were throwing at her. Then it hit her. She remembered who we were. She grabbed both of us and gave us a huge hug. She asked us questions about our lives. She grabbed my arm and said, “I remember your young little face!” We told her what God has done in our lives over the past 3 years. We told her about hearing her songs tonight with new meaning, and such a deep passion. She looked at us and said, “you girls have had a rough road…but your mom is smiling down on you now, and she was a wonderful woman.” Tears began to fill my eyes, and I look over at Ali, and the same is happening to her, then I hug Amy and say thank you for sharing that with us, and look at her eyes, and they were as teary as ours. It was a tremendous blessing. The concert itself was just totally profound, but to have the chance to see her and share a few things….well, it was the “icing on the cake” as it goes. Ali and I were (and still are) on this great spiritual high. What an amazing night. What an amazing God we serve.  He didn’t have to orchestrate that for us. He is so merciful. He is so worthy to be praised!

A special thanks must go to two incredibly precious men. My husband John, and Ali’s husband David. They love us sacrificially. They were blessed for us. We are blessed to have them. Thanks be to God! We love you Amy!