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More than Turkey and Football November 20, 2007

Posted by theregenerateme in Thoughts that sanctify.
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Thanksgiving. It’s more than Pilgrims and Indians of the past. It’s more than turkey and football of the present. It’s about giving thanks. It always was about that, and always will be. But to whom do you give your thanks?

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn feast that is acknowledged today to be one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations. Before this particular feast took place, it was already a yearly tradition to celebrate the harvest and to give thanks for a successful bounty of crops. Historians have also recorded a time in 1619 around December, that a British colony led by Captain John Woodlief, knelt in prayer and pledged “Thanksgiving” to God for their healthy arrival to Berkley Plantation, Virginia. Some mark this as the first Thanksgiving, but what’s more important; the principal for every celebration was always giving thanks. But again I ask, to whom do you give your thanks? Or maybe a better question, where do you place your thanks?

 Up until last year, Thanksgiving meant to me a fall holiday of traditions, food, and the gathering of families. Although these are certainly part of the festivities, I now know that without celebrating, honoring, and giving thanks to The One who gave all of these pleasures to us, they would be meaningless. Our amazing Creator of all things good, our perfect and heavenly Father, our awesome God, I give thanks for You. My life would be nothing without You. In fact, without You, the best heaven I could ever entertain is this earthly life. With You, however, the worst hell I will ever have to know is this earthly life. How great it is to know You, to live for You, to believe in You! Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for picking me out, and naming me as Your child. Thank you for changing my life; for transforming my heart into an image that is in likeness of You.

Your perfect and precious Living Word gives us over 42 passages for where our thanks should be placed. These are just a couple that I love;

“In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thes 5:18)

“Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;
         Sing praises to our God on the lyre.” (Ps 147:7)

I have SO much to be thankful for this year! I could write a book….(hmm, not a bad idea), of all the reasons I am thankful to God. My sweet and God-loving sister Dori has initiated a new tradition in our family this year, and hopefully for years to come. We are all going to write down 3 specific things we are thankful to God for on index cards, and before we eat we will go around the room and share them with each other. I love her for getting this tradition going. It allows a time during the day to purposely and intentionally, thank Him who gave us His Son, His grace, and our eternity with Him for all who believe. Yes, we have MUCH to be thankful for Lord. Happy Thanksgiving to You Lord!

Thanking Him,



Now this is poetry! November 12, 2007

Posted by theregenerateme in Thoughts that sanctify.

Today, my mind is full. I can’t hear exact thoughts because too many of them are overlapping. The good news is, they are all about Him. All about my passion, my hunger and thirst that only He can give me and He can quench. The knowledge that I am receiving at Community Bible Church is astounding. I feel more equipped every day. I want to share so much, because it’s been shared with me, and I have been blessed. However…..I always want to be excellent for the Lord, and be a strong instrument for Him. Because of this, I need more time in prayer and reflection before my words become the permanence of this blog. Having said that, I usually do my blogging on Mondays, and not doing anything today feels strange. As I was cleaning my kitchen this morning, I listened to some praise and worship music, and was singing (along with my babydoll Jack) praises to the Lord. There are lyrics to a song that I MUST share with you all today, mainly because they are profound, and have resinated in my mind all day long. Tell me, can you relate to these lyrics…I certainly can!

How many roads did I travel, before I walked down one that led me to You? And how many dreams did unravel, before I believed in a hope that was True?And how long?  How far?  What was meant to fulfill only emptied me still…..and  all You ever wanted;

Only me, on my knees singing Holy, Holy.

Somehow all that matters now is You are Holy, Holy.

How many deaths did I die before I was awakened to new life again?

And how many half truths did I bear witness to, til the “proof” was disproved in the end?  And how long? How far? What was meant to illuminate, shadowed me still…and all You ever wanted;

Only me, on my knees singing Holy, Holy.

Somehow all that matters now is You are Holy, Holy

And all I have is gratitude, to offer You……

(Nicole Nordeman, “Holy”)

 Praising Him,


Something to think about November 7, 2007

Posted by theregenerateme in Thoughts that sanctify.

I heard this at church on Sunday, and I just loved it. I couldn’t keep this to myself, and I don’t think God wanted me to anyway…

 Political Correctness with regard to the Christian faith:

  1. We dull the blade, the double-edged sword, so not to offend.

  2. We are more concerned about pleasing man than pleasing God.

  3. We choose to place peace at a higher standard than conviction.

  4. We hide ourselves from the accountability found in the Word of God.

  5. We hold an indifference to God’s Word, and harbor worldly perspectives.

 A powerful message to a true believer, and even still powerful for proclaimed believers or unbelievers. You cannot deny the conviction those statements place on your heart. I hope this can be as encouraging to you and give you the desire to examine your own heart. It certainly has done that for me! 

Following Him,